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Progress for The Valley of Tomorrow has been significant with the commencement of construction for Stage A – Feehan Row and Stage B – Thomas Street Apartments. Stage B – Stonepine House (B1) is now selling with construction due to commence in early 2023 and planning application lodged for Stage B – Building 2.

We aim to keep you informed on everything project related, including construction dates and timeframes, infrastructure development, traffic management plans and planning applications.

As with any major works, we are conscious that this can cause disruptions to neighbouring residents and businesses.  We will use all endeavours to minimise this impact..



Grandstand and Clubhouse



Tote Park

Stage A Feehan Row

Stage B - Thomas Street Apartments

Stage B - Buildings 1 and 2

Stone Pine Square

Cox Place

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April 8 2021

Racecourse Works Masterplan

The draft masterplan for the Racecourse Precinct has been the focus for MVRC in 2020 to respond to the requirements of Schedule 2 of the Special Use Zone and the Advisory Panel recommendations.

The masterplan will guide and inform critical infrastructure, service requirements, movement & access and built form for the redevelopment of the Racecourse Precinct. Importantly, activities under the masterplan are to be finalised before the detailed design phase can commence for the new infrastructure, i.e. Grandstand, Track & Infield.

Please be advised the Your Say page for community feedback on the Moonee Valley Racecourse Masterplan is now open and will close on 22 April.  You can find the link here:

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November 1 2019

MVRC Stage B1/B2 Advertising MV/222/2018

A permit application has been lodged with Council to obtain approval for multi-level buildings of residential apartments with offices, cafes and restaurants at the ground and first floor levels. The development proposes to integrate 3 building forms with varying architectural styles and will be designed to front future parkland to be created at Stone Pine Park. The development will also front out to the racecourse so has been designed to optimise views and highly articulate the building form to provide visual interest from the surrounding road networks.


The development has been designed to be consistent with the provisions of the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme in particular the Activity Centre Zone that applies to the land. The permit application is currently in a public notice of application phase. Council will then review submissions (if any) and make a decision on the permit application. We looks forward to obtaining permit approval to continue to develop this exciting urban renewal project at Moonee Valley Park.