Community Reference Group.

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CommunityA Consultative Approach to Creating a Place for All.

Every voice is important as The Valley of Tomorrow takes shape.

To deliver a precinct that integrates into the urban fabric of Moonee Valley and enhances the local area for residents requires collaboration.

Throughout the life of this project, community input will be sought and valued in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for the local area.

With the planning framework approved, of particular importance over the remainder of the project will be locals’ views and priorities on which services and lifestyle assets will bring added value to the area.

A program of community engagement is presently under development and this website will be the central place where opportunities will be communicated where you can have a say and be heard.

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Community Reference Group

The Valley of Tomorrow Community Reference Group has been formed to involve the community in the project’s vision and understand local priorities while shaping the precinct.

It aims to create a dialogue between the development team and key residents and representatives of the local community.

Meeting quarterly, it provides members with the ability to learn more about the evolving vision for the site and inform the developers decision making on proposed elements.

It brings together people from a cross-section of the Moonee Valley community, including government stakeholders, traders and local residents, who together provide representation on behalf of the wider community.


Community Reference Group Member


Moonee Ponds Chamber of Commerce and Rate Levy Association

The Moonee Ponds Traders Association represents the traders and businesses of the Moonee Ponds Precinct who contribute to a special rate levy administered by Moonee Valley City Council. The Association is run by the trader’s committee, including 15 committee members, and it acts on behalf of traders to make key decisions relating to marketing and promoting the Moonee Ponds Precinct.

Moonee Valley City Council Representatives
Moonee Ponds Primary School (MPPS)

Moonee Ponds Primary School is a P-6 co-educational government school. It is located directly across from the racecourse and is one of two government co-educational primary schools in the Moonee Ponds area.

Moonee Valley City Council Planning Department (MVCC)

The Moonee Valley City Council Planning Department deals with building, environmentally sustainable design and long term planning within the municipality and makes recommendations for planning approval.


Office of Danny Pearson MP – Frank Dinoto and Jenni Chappell

Danny Pearson is the member of the Victorian Parliament since November 2014, representing the Legislative Assembly seat of Essendon.

Puckle Street Traders Association

The Puckle Street Traders Association represents the needs and interests of traders that operate businesses on Puckle Street in Moonee Ponds.

Save Moonee Ponds (SMP) – Jenny Nola and Sarah Ambrogio

Save Moonee Ponds are a community action group that seek to counter over-development in the Moonee Ponds area.

Community Representative (Environment Portfolio) – Erin Rhoads

Erin is an environmental sustainability educator and member of the Moonee Ponds City Council Environment Portfolio Advisory Committee


Community Reference Group Meetings

While Community Reference Group meetings are not open to the public, all agendas and meeting minutes can be accessed here.

If you have an item you wish to be discussed at the next Community Reference Group meeting, please contact your representative member, or alternatively visit our Contact Us page.

Community Reference Group meeting dates are released on our News page.

Agendas & Minutes
  1. May 4

    CRG 4 May 2022 - Agenda
    CRG 4 May 2022 - Minutes

  1. July 14

    CRG 14 July 2021 - Agenda
    CRG 14 July 2021 - Minutes

  2. January 1

  1. March 14

    CRG 14 March 2018 – Agenda
    CRG 14 March 2018 – Minutes

  2. May 23

    CRG 23 May 2018 – Agenda
    CRG 23 May 2018 – Minutes

  3. September 6

    CRG 6 September 2018 - Agenda
    CRG 6 September 2018 - Minutes

  4. September 17

    CRG 17 September 2019 - Agenda
    CRG 17 September 2019 - Minutes

  5. February 5

    CRG and Annual Update 5 February 2020 Minutes and Survey Results

  6. May 6

    CRG 6 May 2020 - Agenda
    CRG 6 May 2020 - Minutes

  7. August 12

    CRG 7 August 2020 - Agenda
    CRG 7 August 2020 - Minutes

  8. December 2

    CRG 2 Dec 2020 – Agenda
    CRG 2 Dec 2020 – Minutes

  9. March 31

    CRG 31 March 2021 – Agenda
    CRG 31 March 2021 – Minutes